Velo Club Moulin

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Keys to the Kingdom - POSTPONED

Y'all had probably guessed by the lack of info, but the Keys to the Kingdom ride has been postponed for now, this is due to things.

Apologies for the lack of official notice. Will try to get something sorted for sometime in May / early June.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Red Bull Hillchasers.

Several weeks ago, VC Moulin riders Marty Savalas, Chris Savalas and drjon Savalas confined themselves to the 'Moulin training facility with one goal in mind.

Total domination of the Red Bull Hillchasers event in Edinburgh.

It was clear that the uphill, cobbled sprint played to all of their strengths. With just the right tweeks to their training regimens, podium places were a sure thing.

During the day they spent their time dead lifting, squatting and pressing huge weights. All the while the team nutritionalist was helping them imbibe colossal amounts of sugar, taurine and caffeine. During the evenings the team spent their time channeling Felix Baumgartner and visualising Forstermann's thighs. They left no stone unturned. Brian Jacks was drafted in to give the final polishing needed prior to the big day.

There was no need to alter the team's bikes - singlespeeds all the way. The TSPC overalls were dusted off and they arrived brimming with confidence on the start line on a frigid Edinburgh morning.

All told, things didn't exactly go to plan. An explanation will be forthcoming, but at present the team members are working with the VC Moulin psychologist to tease out the exact nature of the mal-performance. Needless to say: they'll be back!

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures and video.