Velo Club Moulin

Monday, 30 May 2016

Back in the Game

Almost a year since the last race, and barely a pedal turned in anger in the preceding year, and I was in danger of becoming an absentee VCM rider. Work, commuting and two mini-mes will do that to a man.

Good to get back in the saddle then at Glentress 7. As good a course as you will get at any lapped endurance event, and always a good chance to catch up with the regulars, including super supporter Wardman - the only man who heckles you in the woods on both the first and the last lap. Commitment to the cause.

Top marks to Colin Shearer for triumphing in the old boys category, Maddy for a good battle to second in Female Pairs (with Cat) and for the Marquis pairing for commitment to the singlespeed Tweedlove cause. Personally, my legs seem to be in the same shape as the last time I raced, if anything a couple of minutes faster overall, which isn't a bad base for getting into shape. Good enough for 7th <40 solo and 9th of all of the solos, but not quite good enough to catch the two guys only 2 minutes up the road.

Dates in the diary, mountains beckoning, new kit in the post and shenanigans afoot at SocialCross. Let's do this shit. #backinthegame

Thanks to Trevor Worsey at enduro for the photo