Velo Club Moulin

Thursday, 24 April 2008

The Story So Far

Cross season had finished and the thought of a long summer of riding and racing was proving hard to fill tired legs and hearts with enthusiasm. Something had to be done. Mark Williamson and Chris Duncan decided it was time to spice up coming season and get a team up and running. With a passion for all elements of the sport and a equally deep passion for our Belgian brethren, it was decided to launch a Belgian inspired team for multi discipline athletes of varying abilities, the passion was the key to success, so the hunt was on for like minded riders and associates.

It didn’t take long to muster up enthusiasm for the team and within the space of a couple of weeks the team was fast approaching half a dozen and some partners were on board to help where they could. Like the best of plans the pieces slowly all started to fall into place, this was the start.

Why Velo Club Moulin? We make no secret of our desire to create a ‘European’ mystique to the team in both style and name. Moulin is an area within our local where most good rides start and many more finish. Velo Club, was easy this wasn’t a discipline specific team, riders would be participating in Cross Country, Downhill, Cyclo Cross, Road, Time Trial and Marathon (road and off road) events as well as generally riding wherever time would permit and with passion over and above everything else.


Marty Savalas said...

invite only or can i send you my racing resume for perusal? :)

chrisD said...

indeed do sir, we may have space for a spirited young gun ;-)

crosser nut said...

you cherry picking bstard, no wonder you are performance director