Velo Club Moulin

Friday, 19 March 2010

we still riding bikes? yo!

been a little quiet round here recently. people being doing secret training?

goatee of filth approaches. let me know if you're coming over.


Gordymac said...

Quiet indeed.

Training aye getting plenty of road miles in, still too much snow up here for decent off road :o(

chrisD said...

only coming if you promise some of that walking up hills malarkey.

Chris_M said...

Remind the hard of thinking - whennaboots?

martysavalas said...

same day at the tour of flanders.



johnvcm said...
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johnvcm said...

Xc skis put away:)
Turbo training tyre off:D
time to work on tan lines ;)

where,when and what time?

martysavalas said...

mail me. x

Miffae de Muir said...

The Disco King will be present. what's the required mount?

andytrailfettler said...

lookin' forward to the filth. though will be trying my hardest to hide in the bunch.

black or white riding tops??


martysavalas said...

miffy - road bike. 55x11.

andy - your brightest white.

chrisD said...

I'll bring some sweets for the back of the bunch