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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Muir of ord Road Race

My first road race in 17 years. I was a bit nervous at the start not knowing what to expect. I haven't been on the bike for the last 3 weeks with a bit of man-flu, so form was not great going into this.

The distance was 50miles of 4 13 mile circuits finishing short on the last lap with a dirty little climb about 300 yard from the finish straight. Two boys went off the front quite early and stayed away for the rest of the race i think they had about a 3 and half minute lead at one stage, not sure what the final time was, but it was reduced .

My main plan was to stay in the bunch and see what happens. And thats what i did; the pace was highish, but when your sheltered at the back it was pretty easy, just watching out for water bottles flying over the road with the rough surface.

then 3/4 the way round on the 3rd lap i decided to move to the front and do some work it felt pretty good, i did about a minute stint, hoping so more people would work properly and try and reel in the two at the front, it didn't work so i moved back through the field where i was at home and save myself for the group sprint.

The last lap was a lot quicker with boys attacking, and l was struggling to get near the front again.I was boxed in most of the way round, until i seen an opening and a boy going through, i got on to his wheel, and got towed to front 5. About a another 5 or 6 boys came through and i got boxed in a bit. Then on the sprint my legs ran out of steam, and a couple more guys pasted me.

It was good fun, and lets hope its not another 17 years til the next one.


chrisD said...

good work young un, 17 years ago eh, but you look so youthful.

crosser nut said...

was the photo from the race 17 years ago? Not as stylish as the new kit

Gordymac said...

Aye well done John, Maybe i should get involved next time instead of riding out to watch ;o)

andytrailfettler said...

the commissaire let you take the start with that bar tape? ; )

well done fella, great to see VCM colours on the road

johnvcm said...

had to brush out the signing in hall for the crime. The only way he would let me race, with that tape.

I'm on the reserve list for the loithian flyer. Whats the route like

andytrailfettler said...

Lothian Flyer is an awesome wee course - singletrack road climb that varies in steepness, fast narrow descent then undulating B road back to start of climb. Repeat for 4 (?) laps then up climb one more time but clip of the descent early and up a short steep climb for uphill finish.

Good circuit for climbers and attacking. As climb is narrow, good positioning is key for the finale. Worth recc'ing the uphill finish as the year I raced it I had it in my head that the finish was at the summit of the final hill - but it's a little lower down.

Hope you get a start.