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Monday, 28 June 2010

Torridon Throw Down


You snooze, you lose. It was ace! ; )

Bone dry trails, light cloud cover dappling the blue sky, lots of wee frogs, dragon flies dancing the dance of love. No photos [or words] can adequately describe a good day out riding, particularly one in the mountain-scape of Torridon.

There may have been a puncture, enough trackless portage to make a two rides old pair of Sidis look as tatty as their 3 year old predecessors and a disappointing mini pork pie choice but none could detract from quality technical riding both up and down on a stupidly capable* 'modern mountain bike'.

The final few kms of descent from the Coulin track to the Portal gate at Lair ... Oh yes.

Anyhoo, a quick pint and bite to eat at the Torridon Inn and I pointed the panzerwagen back in the direction of Contin to get away from the midge and see how Moulineers past and present were faring at the puffer-lite.

Quite well as it turned out - Gordy Mac and his other musketeers top-stepped the mixed trios, and Jac did the same for the female solo event.

*all bikes are capable of stupidity...


chrisD said...

I genuinely would like to go ride all terrain bikes but I have an appointment with the varnish brush or was it the weeding hoe, anyway I am unavailable. Hottest weekend of the year! Midge tastic.

Gordymac said...

Would love to join you in Torridon but like Jac i will be racing at the puffer. Maybe sometime again in the near future ;o)

johnvcm said...

can't make it. have to work tomorrow morning, 6 oclock start:( I was at lochcarron yesterday and the trails are looking sweet.

Good luck to jac for tonight