Velo Club Moulin

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Kielder 100.

Lets get ready to rumble.


Gordymac said...

Go give it some, good luck ;o)

chrisD said...
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chrisD said...

you crazee punk dude.

if this weather holds you will have a special ride.

good luck to all, role call?

Chris_M said...

Best'o'british. Earlier in the week I dug out the route profile from last year... aye anyway, it'll be fine.

; )

Markdubya said...

I'm out!!!!

To much Bloody work!!!

Good luck team, sorry I wont be there. May yo be blessed with dusty single track and hard pack fire roads.

Dean said...

Tired legs now :^)

Report to follow. Trailed behind our speedy doctor all the way round. Chapeau!