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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Goatee of Filth

Often referred to as La Doyenne of the VCM Monument rides (rest of VCM Monument rides to follow), Goatee of Filth is back again for it's third edition in 2011.

Date - 3rd April 2011

What will happen this year:
* will be 80ish miles of Fife roads and lanes
* will be as many cheeky cobbled sections as we can find (hoping for at least one new secteur)
* will be soup, coffee, cakes (and a maybe a cold refreshing beverage) whilst watching the pointy end of the Ronde van Vlaanderen back at GoF HQ

What won't happen this year:
* won't be rain
* won't get lost in Saline
* Jon won't wheelsuck Maddy for the last 15 miles

Start time and exact route tbc. Pace brisk to middling. Sprints to be contested.

Anyone interested in a still to be named offroad ride soon?


chrisD said...

Awesome, cyou beautiful man, this year I am in.
expect much wheelsucking and requests for a more gentlemanly pace ;-)

andytrailfettler said...

yes! count me in.

Gordymac said...

Yay, I've been hoping the GoF was going to happen, either weekend suits me, looking forward to it already ;)

Anonymous said...

Is the Goatee just for VCM members? I ride cyclo-cross with Dunfermline and like the sound of this run. Do you do it on cross bikes?


Drew Bell

martysavalas said...

Hi Drew,

Had good interest from VCM, so probably going to have to make it club folks only. Will post up closer to the time when I know for sure.

Will post up the route afterwards.



Anonymous said...


Thanks for the early response, I understand your reasons for keeping it within the club. Enjoy your ride. Can I point out we have a cobbled brae between Limekilns and Charlestown, its not the Koppenberg but at least its cobbles!!!!

Drew Bell

Markdubya said...

I'm in and also request a more gentlemens pace. Perhaps the founding fathers can hold up the rear and keep look out for any un savouries!