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Sunday, 10 April 2011

hell of the tweed

1100: 7 VCMers roll out to tackle the inaugral 'Hell of the Tweed' ride. 1102: Greigs crank parts company with bike. 1115: replacement bike sorted and back on our merry way.

Several gates negotiated then onto the main climb of the day up Glensax Valley. Then the 'hell' part, a 45min humph a bike upto Birkscairn Hill. I'm regretting bringing my jumpy (hefty) bike. Simon talks lots and my mind forgets about the humphing. It's a sod of a climb but the others are polite after a few varying line choices we all make the ridge.

Bit more climbing to the summit of Birkscairn, then rutty,rapid, rocky, holey goodness down the other side. Ian seems well chuffed with the descent. Climbing again upto Kirkhope Law then descend,descend descend; Chris M 'rails' the ruts in front with style and speed. Happy. Cheeky little ridge addition with nadge, narrow, heather singletrack descent and back on to the main track.

Gates opened for uninterrupted descending bring more smiles. Brief panic over a dropped phone then relief as Chris D finds it sitting around the front of his gilet! Lucky!

A final little loop of some trails in Southpark woods to finish the legs off then back for the last 30km of Paris Roubaix and food.

Thanks to Marty, Chris M, Chris D, Simon, Ian and Greig for coming down and for being so polite about the bloody hike a bike! and to Rossie for the food.


chrisD said...

my arms are broken now, great food Rossie, oh and my legs are still broken.

martysavalas said...

I still don't feel very well.