Velo Club Moulin

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cross Racin'

Just got my entry in for the 1st round of the National Trophy at South Shields, Sun 9th Oct. Not too far to travel to get a taste of racin' with the big guns of UK 'cross! Was that racin' or a pastin'?

Any other VCMers fancy it?? Entries available online until this Thursday, 29th Sep.

Don't think i'll make it to any of the other Trophy rounds, maybe the National Champs at Ipswich on 8th Jan if all goes well and still feeling frisky.

Also going to head down to the Windermere round of the Rapha Supacross Series on Sat 15th Oct.

Right looking forward to SCX Rd 1 at Irvine this Sun, catch you there. Oh and just spotted The Tri Centre are putting on Hallocross at Craigmillar Park on Mon 31st Oct. Night time cross race on awesome course! Ace!


chrisD said...

south shields. no
ipswich. mebe
windermere. no(in Holland)
irvine. yes
Hallocross. yes

paul.e said...

Definately be in south shields ... only quick hop over the water for me in Newcastle ... may not be racing the national but sure there is a NE league race the day before :)

andytrailfettler said...

Hey Paul,

I've not raced at Temple Park before - any tips on the course? Am guessing mud is going to figure lots, esp. after a previous days racing..

paul.e said...

its reasonably flat ... a couple of cheeky steep climbs .. exposed in places so you can really feel the wind if its blowing.. and yeah cuts up bad so get your off camber skills dialled :)

Looking forward to some sideline heckling :)