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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tod cross

Lovely little video of the Tod cross race:

Todcross from Benjamin Haworth on Vimeo.

It was the 4th edition of the race, puts on by Chipps and co at Singletrack, 9th round of the Yorkshire Points Series and the first time i've been able to make it along.

Super course, muddy lower half, just rideable cobbled climb and fast swoopy trails higher up in the woods, brilliant atmosphere, cheers and heckling, brass band, friendly folk at sign on/coffee van/food wagon. Oh and a Duval beer at the finish for each rider!

Quite a euro style course, taped nice and wide for hassle free passing and line choosing but deceptively technical in terms of the number of dismounts and remounts required per lap and deciding how much of the muddy sections it was quicker to run.

I wasn't doing much passing, didn't have much zing, but thoroughly enjoyed the race. Will definitely be back next year, in better shape and with more running in my legs. Finished up 16th with a slight name change, Ag came in 25th, maybe suffering a mechanical (?) as he was catching me rapidly early in the race. Jack Clarkson won and was flying, Lewis Craven in 2nd is possibly the most polite cross race i've ever been passed by.

Report and Results

Chapeau to all involved in organising the race.


Ag said...

I'll second that motion: really enjoyed the course, best atmosphere & heckling of the season. Had an impromptu wheel change which put me out of touch a bit just when I was getting going.

chrisD said...

well done chaps, and thanks for the bloggage