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Thursday, 22 March 2012

No Fuss Wee Tri 2

Last weekend I headed north the Fort William to take part in my second ever triathlon. My first being somewhat 'in at the deep end' the Half Big Ben Triathlon last September. So I thought that the No Fuss Wee Triathlon aimed at novices was more of a sensible event to enter.

With the entry list for the Saturday race bursting at the seams, No Fuss put on an additional race on the Sunday to accommodate the demand.
I headed up on Saturday morning to cheer on some friends who were competing that day and also to scope out the course for the Sunday.
The race format was slightly different to other triathlons (so I'm told!) where the competitors go straight from the water and onto their bikes. The No Fuss Wee Tri way is much better! The swim leg was done in heats to get everyone time gaps to start their bike leg on. This meant there was plenty of time to get a shower and changed into dry bike clothes. Nice.

We were then allocated our race numbers in order of our swim placings and then rode in convoy round to Glen Nevis for the start of the bike section.
The bike course was a short sprint on the road then onto the fire road along to the end of Glen Nevis, then back in along the road. Riding my cyclocross bike really paid off here as I was able to make up about 5 places. But I was soon cursing my non-mtb gear ratios as we were diverted off of the road and up the steep loose climb at the back of Cow Hill. My beefy 53-39 chainset was maxed out as I grunted my way to the top!

href="">(Photo: Frazer, No Fuss)

The trail stayed high above the town, before dropping us down at the leisure centre and our trainers for the start of the dreaded run lap.
As it happens, I actually felt pretty good going into the run and I headed out feeling strong. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm still more Eamonn Holmes than Kelly Holmes, but its all relative!

(Photo: Frazer, No Fuss)

The run leg wasn't too hilly and was a mixture of road and off-road. I managed to make up another place on the run and I was told that I was first lady. Trying not to hyperventilate with the pressure of such an unusual occurrence for me, I plodded on and managed to cross the line before the super-fast Julie Wilson caught me.

(Photo: Frazer, No Fuss)

Thanks for another fantastic event by No Fuss. Just the right mix of challenging, great fun and sociable.

Well done to Highland girls Marie Meldrum, Fiona Beattie, Emma Holgate and Jo Cardwell who were all on the podium on Saturday's race. And congratulations to Ewan Thorburn who's winning time on Saturday was the fastest all weekend.

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