Velo Club Moulin

Friday, 16 January 2015

fast. bad. dangerous.

Fast. Bad. Dangerous. 

Pick any two. 

Attention women cyclocross racers.
Velo Club Moulin is recruiting riders for the 2015 cyclocross season.
Now that the mud has settled on 2014, its time to start planning and getting in shape for next winter. So if you think you meet any two of the requirements then send your resume including a brief rundown on who or why you are to;


Basic requirements
1. You must be a women (no youths)
2. You must race cross
3. You must race cross
4. You must race cross

Other than that you are a free spirit.

Velo Club Moulin is an independent race club with the primary focus on cyclocross. though any other form of riding bicycles hard is encouraged. We have no structure or clubhouse or chainganging or training sessions or coach or performance plan or money but we do live for cyclocross. Imagine a band of privateers all racing in the same kit and you are close to where we are at. We are affiliated to the mothership BC and endorse responsible and aggressive riding. Full details of what we can and can't do for you will be available to any successful applicants

Good Luck

pic by Michael Martin

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