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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

It's the off season so time to start preparing for next season

Last year I looked at my bikes after a hard season and realised that running two different, but kinda similar bikes made little sense so bit the bullet and ordered two beautiful Shand cycles bikes

Well this year I have gone for the slightly cheaper option of looking at nutrition to help with not only my day to day living but also for racing. Cue internet searches and the purchase of this beauty

To go with the hand grinder I also got some Cuban coffee beans from here

I use an aeropress to make my brew so had to resort to more internet searches to get instructions for the Porlex grinder as my Japanese is slightly rusty.... So three clicks from home and off we go, first cup was with the recommended 12g of coffee, about a palm full, was no where near enough so second go was fill the fecker to the brim

to the neck
I also slightly dropped the amount of water in the inverted aeropress and that was pretty much spot on for how I enjoy my coffee. I always let the water cool from the boil before adding it to the 'press and allow it to mix with the grounds for well over a minute before pressing

I got the mini grinder as it fits snugly into the aeropress and will be travelling with me to all the races now as part of my pre match routine as well as my pre out the door routine every day
snug as a bug
The grinder is beautifully made with the only downside being the handle isn't held on by anything but   gravity, so far this hasn't proven to be any problem. I can thoroughly recommend the aeropress for making good consistent coffee and the hand grinder just adds to my new beardyness, skinny jeans wearing fixie riding persona.

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