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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Fingers crossed

As the 2015 Scottish cyclocross series comes to an end, Christmas is only a few sleeps away and my hangover from #Mullorca seems to have finally dissipated (note to self, do not end up in the Mishnish surrounded by Unicorns). After clearing up the tinsel remains and removing the mud from the washing machine for the last time (at least for a few weeks), I have a lot of fond memories of my second cross season to date.
As a newbie to cross, the first series went by in somewhat of a frenetic blur, so this season is definitely more memorable. Last year I was in awe of the riders, the courses (most of which I found really daunting – the big dipper!), the skinsuits and the weather. I did however find myself addicted to it pretty quickly – despite it being the most challenging and sometimes, painful thing, I’d ever done, I kept coming back. 

This season I’d somehow got myself into VCM (begging goes a long way) and found myself in a shiny new rasta skinsuit (thanks Endura). I was hoping enthusiasm (and spin classes) would get me through another season with a few more points to add to my name.
After the shock to the system that was Callendar Park, I managed to get myself a new bike (thanks for the tip Fraser Waters), get through the next few races and start to enjoy myself. Although Lochore was a spiralling mud fest, I got my best result so far. Feeling chuffed with myself, I rented some awesome deep-section Reynolds Assault wheels from Happy Cog (contact Fraser Waters) with Challenge Baby Limus tubs for the Champs. 

Finally, it was the last race of the series at Glengorm Castle, the prettiest backdrop for a course in Scotland and for once, the weather was holding up. The mix of off-camber switchbacks made for great fun and my new bike and new found skills (Dirt School classes are worth it) started to come into play. I had some great battles with fellow VCM bad girls, Elisa, Ainsley and Erika, and it was great to have so many rasta girls on the course. My favourite race and season so far with a top ten finish to boot.
Now bring on Super Quaich and more skills. Fingers crossed.

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