Velo Club Moulin

Thursday, 1 January 2009

white = faster

spotted the cannibal wearing these white carbon soled beauties whilst pouring over the christmas holiday cross results. Imagine a VCM team issue version!

also the colour scheme for the 09 Kona Major Jake has got me a little flustered:

pic from the kona site

I need a lie down..

Happy new year to one and all.



crosser nut said...

oh lord, i will need to wear sunglasses next season with you bunch in super white next season.

Don't forget the fake tan as well

chrisD said...

on a similar but different note, my Yeti frame is up fro sale, get in touch if anyone is interested, its a size large which roughly would fit someone around 5.10"-6.2"

That white Kona looks sweet though but Andy you know in your heart the Ibis is destined for you!

Markdubya said...

I bagsy the old sssscool xtr chainset or your current jake if you get a new one mate. I heart old XTR, would look nice on my steel kona.