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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I dunno. Yesterday I managed to get out into the forest. My car temp gauge said minus 2 and if proof were needed it came in the frozen ruts that I had to negotiate on my rigid bike. At one point I took a digger and flew over the front. It seems I have been involved long enough in mtbland to come full circle. From rigid, through full susser to full on DH, back to full susser and now rigid. It's like going back to the future! Anyways, I put a little video I made up on one of my sites, just as an inspiration for the New Year (not that any of you fit guys need it!) click the pic of The King to view.

Happy New Year and keep the faith

Uncle G

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anja mcdonald said...

Nice Geoff.
A few photos there that I hadn't yet seen and a few nice words from the director sportive about the the creation of the team I'm so stoked to be part of. Sven and Bart would be proud!