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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The 484 is born

Well I've been out of the loop for the last 3 or 4 weeks due to same major ISP issues which I wont bore you with but thats me back on the interweb finally.

The 484 you ask?

Up until now the VCM secret DH test facility has been nameless but over the Xmas break Dougie and I have been doing some major touch up work on the secret trail, fixing 2 crucial berms on the wee hill to allow you to carry more speed. So Christams Eve day the VCM dh crew got together for a Winter BBQ and the first timed runs on the hill. The BBQ was to help with my homesickness as I'm use to baking in the sun this time of year eating BBQed prawns and the like for my chistmas dinner.

I am happy to anounce that Dougie set the time for all challengers to better with a sizzling time of 48.4 seconds hence the name 484. I think we should have a VCM memebers only DH race and BBQ on the 484 for a bit of fun. We could even use my DH rig for all to use as a control bike bike. Would be a great laugh.

Dougie in action, nice work mate.

Hope you all had a great Xmas and have a sticky new years eve! Hope to see you all in the new year

Well done to the whole team for an awesome 08.



To get 484 directions for VCMers only, text or email me.

We will be there tomorrow for some New years eve DH fun and another BBQ if anyone is in the Pitlochry area.


dan said...

you playing out over the weekend? If so I might head up and join you for the DH challenge ;-)

martysavalas said...

nice! is there a climb nearby that could be used for a all-rounder trophy?

HNY all!

Markdubya said...

yeah Marty there is a sweet fire road climb to the top. It would make a sweet short course enduro to test the all rounder in us and to kill the fat b**t**d in me!!!

martysavalas said...

a plan slowly forms...

is it dh or DH?

Markdubya said...

Its defo only dh! I reckon the best format would be to start with a downhill then the climb then another downhil to the finish.


martysavalas said...

and one more question.

is there somewhere to do an observed trials (all lower case)?

all on one bike, natch.

Tenacious Doug said...

I reckon it is more dH than DH or dh. After checking it out at the weekend it would most definetely make a good VCM All Mountain challenge!