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Monday, 22 December 2008

When will i learn?

Just had a lovely ride down to see Rory at USE about lights and stuff for Strathsuffer.

But when will I learn that even if I have just eaten if I still feel hungry eat more before trying to ride otherwsie it makes things alot harder! Fortunately Rory had grapes and Tea. I Stopped in Cranleigh on the way home and with my £2.50 funds purchased a pack of Jelly Tots, Tooti Fruiti and a tin of halved pears in syrup mixed the syrup with the water i my bottle for extra sugar rush action and that diet of champions along with a tot of whisky from my trusty hip flask got me home the remaining 20 odd miles :-)

And in response to my own question I dont think I will ever learn!

Riding bikes is ace

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uncle g said...

Phil, I feel this group may be for you!