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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sweet Success

With last weekend's Scottish Champs, it feels almost like 2008's cross season is all but over. I'm, looking forwards to the wind up in Mull. However. Back to the Scottish Champs...

Three Velo Club Mouliners made it out for the day. Word has it that Mr Savallas may have been under the weather. Other sources may say he was ashamed of his clean-shavenness with the threat of the moustache challenge at hand, and chose instead to stay indoors. So as it was Jac, John and myself were there to hold the VCM torch.

It was cold (And Dr Jon again insisted on sporting an unseasonably summery Magnum PI inspired number), and the course was good, despite the organisers having to make a last minute change of location due to the intended course being ice bound. Unpredictable and changeable between frozen solid and slidey mud with a lung bursting stair climb in the mix for good measure.

Ross Creber is your new Men's Champ and a well deserving one too. I almost got sucked off my bike in his wake because he passed me so quickly. Jac finished 5th in the Women's league. John, well, I'm not sure where he finished up. After valiantly offering me a tow (As I'd dropped off Eileen's wheel), I yelled at him to 'Go! JUST GO!'. Damned if I was going to accept assistance from anyone and in my stubborn and indignant manner, I pedalled on to catch up. Shortly after that, John lost traction on a slidey off camber corner and for his gentlemanly efforts, i thanked him by not running him over.

After leading the first lap, Eileen caught me, spent a few laps ahead of me and I was almost resigned to letting the race go... But not quite. I managed to chase and I caught her wheel, taking a break for half a lap, before putting down the hammer and riding away for the last 3 laps. Sweet success, and a third National Title (of three different nations in 3 different disciplines) was added to my wee collection.

Photos courtesy of Trina Ritchie

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