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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Discovered: New Style of Mountainbiking

The VCM'ers formerly known as TSPC last night discovered a new form of mountainbiking.

Messing around with your mates on 'world class' singletrack, then stopping for a beer on the way home. It is thought that this branch of the sport has never been experienced before. Not in living memory anyway, and certainly no one could remember reading an article about it in Velo News or MBUK.

As it involved aspects of navigation, teamwork, singletrack rad-ness, weightlifting, sprinting and golf courses we think it is the bright new future of our sport. So once everyone has shaken off their freeride hangover and come down from their Endurance marathon buzz we will be inagurating the 'Riding Around With Your Mates Multi-Sport World Championship".

Or we will once we can think of a snazzy name for it.

[Photo of a snazzy-name brainstorming session in progress]


martysavalas said...

FYD! it was rad. let's do it again.

Phil The Horse said...

I don't like this revolutionary talk. Stop it now ;-)

Kelvin said...


I'm not really gay said...

old skool losers

golf courses ?, pah low end rad

not even achievable rad

sounds like my commute ;-)

jac said...

Get those radicals out of my kitchen!

(And stop showing our lack of decorating to the world!)