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Monday, 6 July 2009

savage side of road racing

I love the drama of the mountain stages of the Tour but the way in which Columbia-HTC drove the split at the turn in the crosswind on the flat Stage 3 today, was nothing short of amazing.

It was savage and riveting. Savage to see them totally committed to blowing the peleton apart, knowing the damage it would inflict. Savage to see the peleton scrambling behind but powerless to do anything about it. That initial panic behind, then no doubt increasing worry as the gap started to grow. Being able to see the group just up the road but yet so far out of reach.

Watching it unfold and the gap grow gave me that pre race nervy feeling in my stomach, but also a feeling of sheer excitement.

Even just watching the highlights I found myself screaming at the tv as the last 1km unfolded and Cavendish took the win! What am I going to be like when I get out to France to watch the Alpine stages!! Better keep the coffee well out of reach...

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Markdubya said...

Awesome stuff but what is happening in the Astana team? Who is actually leading the team or has the American clothing company sponsored team taken a bung from Armstrong to help in the GC as long as they get the stage glory. I love a conspiracy theory!!!!