Velo Club Moulin

Monday, 21 September 2009

Borrowdale cross

Ooo I think I'm the first crosser of the season. Hit the Borrowdale show cross at the weekend for my VC Moulin debut. No kit, not naked though! Maybe be on Mull, if it snows.
Second round of the North West series (they start early), fabby sunny day in the wettest valley in the UK. Good turn out of riders, over 50, I managed a 27th overall and won the womens event comfortably.
Course was a bit different to our loved Scottish mud, grassy fields and 1 dead duck. Only one dismount and a bugger of a climb, too slick to ride after the second lap. Don't often get a sun tan on a cross course but did at the weekend.
Good start to the season after a shady summers result due to health things. Glad to get back on a real bike and burst my lung for an hour.

See y'all at Plean.



andytrailfettler said...

Nice one Maddy.

Heard you had a good battle with my friend Mark (on the mtb), before getting away from him.

chrisD said...

awesome stuff and before this gets outta hand there will be no more nudity on Mull, are you reading this Phil?
Bring on the SCX. For the record I'm on bottles and bells at Plean, if anyone needs help.

crosser nut said...

will you be dressing as Mrs Claus instead at Mull?

Phil The Horse said...

But i wasn't completely naked, i had a conveniently placed glove....

Understood :-)