Velo Club Moulin

Monday, 7 September 2009


Still digesting this one. Basically it very much rocked.

A serious bike race professionally crafted and run with a light touch and fun atmosphere.

Chapeau! to Organisers, Marshalls, Givers of Permission, the Brewery Guys, Food and Shelter Providors and all the Riders. And a tip of the cap to designers of stout whisky packaging.

Moulineers Steve-o, Deano, Phillipio, Christo & Martino were in attendance having various flavours of racing - can we just have a big pantomime villan Booooo! for shimano free hubs.

A classic is born, I think.


Dean said...

What a fantastic weekend.

Superbly orchestrated and delivering of just the right amount of hurt.

Hoping the whisky packaging holds out for the trip to Aviemore (thanks DS!).

chrisD said...

Well done all, it sounded like an awesome ride.