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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A hard 50mins

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A hard 50mins, Looking at the course I just knew before I started that I was gonna have find some kind off new running muscles, even thou my pins were feeling good. After watching Andy Whippet Wardman floating round to 2nd and Nelly to 3rd in the open race.
(nearly losing my voice because of screaming on nelly to get his ass into gear) Then it was me and John,
we started the race with the idea that we would run the first part, which would have worked for me if some
fellow crosser had not jumped on ma heels, making me land both knee's straight into a good 15 inches of mud.
Well yet again it was bad start. So it's a case of breathing out off every hole in your body to get your place back.
Which I managed to do, and nearly got up to a good group. But the old running legs if I had any where nae up to much.
So I settled for where I was, with a stride to come back next year stronger and faster.
Anyway Mull coming up so there is still something to play for boy's and girls.
Yours Miffae de Muir

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