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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Kielder 100 2010

Hi everyone,

Having stated that 2009 was always going to be a write off when it comes to riding and racing due to a busy year and the birth of my daughter who has DS. I've kicked off my 2010 race campaign this evening with a positive start as I mean to go on attitude, I've gone and entered the K100. Crikey! Think I will start my training on the 2nd of January!!

Good luck to all you lucky buggers on Mull this weekend, I will be there next year you can baleed dat.

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Chris_M said...


All you need to do is get something that tells you your average speed... then spend 100 miles pedalling enough to keep it from dropping below a certain level.

Pack midge repellent and some happy thoughts and you [should] be fine...

; )