Velo Club Moulin

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Entered so far:
Ae Avalanche Enduro.
Bristol Bike Fest.
Kielder Montane 100.

On the probably list:
Brighton Big Dog.

On the maybe list:
10 Under the Ben.
24 hours of Finale.
Skye Sportive.


martysavalas said...

K100 and Bristol for me too.

Sportives - not sure about the Skye one (seem to remember someone at work saying it wasn't all that). might do Cairngorm and Radar Ride though.

Chris_M said...

I am fancying Brizzle...

Defo entered

And I'll be expert tea making and being a bully / offering hugs as necessary at Newcastleton for the 24 hour solo thang.

That is about it really... I should try and set aside a weekend a month to go and do a weekender expedition someplace... we'll see.

martysavalas said...

Forgot about the Singletrack Weekender - very up for that again. Although someone else is driving up to the quarry this time...