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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Trophy Time

I did a small race in Spain recently, it was the inauguration of a new timing system which has been set up on the Col de Rates. It was free to enter, there were trophies (even for the women) and free energy food. It was a good deal all round. 

Out of the many, many women who raced (me) I managed to win - but, hey, you've got to be in it to win it, and if Spanish people aren't willing to ride on days which are less than 20 degrees C then I'll happily take all the free energy food home stuffed down my top. I got a cool trophy. Here's the best pic I can find of me being presented with the trophy by the guy who sponsored the women's event. Oh, and someone else you might recognise stopped by to see what was going on - I think we can all see where Quick-Step got their inspiration for kit colour.


chrisD said...


crosser nut said...

did you get a sugned yellow jersey?

martysavalas said...

nice work!

maddy said...

Good stuff.
Ali said you were riding with Astana too. Cool!