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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

It Depends on the Weather

I haven't been able to face the mountain bike for the last couple of weeks, It's not like me but a combination of poor weather and months of plugging through mud and snow has taken it's toll.

So graced with a lovely spring day i took to the hills in search of that elusive dry trail.

Starting at sea level the Yankee pier is the furthest out into the Cromarty firth you can get without actually getting wet! The pier was used by the Americans during WW I to transport ordanance to their mine base which is now home to the World famous Dalmore Distillery. Semi submersible oil rigs now occupy the firth rather than the Navy fleet of that time.

My destination for the ride was an old favorite of Cnoc Fyrish a prominent local landmark. With a multitude of routes to chose from I took the most direct route up the Jubilee path, Rising from 175m to 450m in 2.6km it offers a good workout no matter how fit the rider.

The Monument is always a welcome rest after the tech fest of the climb.

Constructed in 1792 it was the brainchild of Sir Hector Munro to provide work for unemployed locals and is an imitation of a gateway to the costal city of Nagapatnam in India. The hill offers commanding views of the Cromarty firth, East coast and the Mountains of Wester Ross.

After the pain of the climb comes the fun of the descent back to sea level through a myriad of trails which thankfully were riding extremly well in the early spring conditions. I ended up being out far longer than anticipated but I was taking full advantage of the vital component of a good bike ride.......... The weather.


Lyndsey said...

Nice one Gordy, I love that trail! The descent is superb and dares you to keep going faster & not touch the brakes. I also really enjoy the climb, it gets your heart and lungs going from the off!

Gordymac said...

Aye the jubilee never gets any easier, I find the fitter you are the harder you push it, Vicious cycle!