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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lucky seven

Well that was a shock to the system. I have a new local loop on the road bike. It consists of seven climbs (three ridden twice plus a bonus one in the middle) over 35 miles. Short and sweet.

The main pinches are up Whiteleaf and Kop hills that reach the same point above Princes Risborough. Chiltern road climbs are nearly always short (1/2 mile or so), but often steep. Good for a quick, hurty spin. A light shower was forecast so I wasn't too fussed when a fine drizzle fell as I left the house. What I hadn't bargained for was the freezing downpour that fell for the entirety of the ride. Roads transformed as I looped back through them into coffee-coloured lakes - Kop Hill a river (with waves!) on the second attempt up.

Extremities froze making descending interesting with wooden, disembodied fingers and the temptation of only ever being five miles or so from home somehow averted with the knowledge that the promised bacon and egg muffins would be appreciated less if all seven boxes were not ticked.

Post-hot-aches tea and biscuits consumed and that nice fizzy-warm feeling is filling the frozen appendages.

The sun's out now, damnit!

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