Velo Club Moulin

Monday, 7 March 2011

Trailside Surgery

Get out of this one? We were in Torridon yesterday and with 4.5Km left to run Dave's tyre exploded. It was like a shotgun going off, Quite impressive once it had echoed all around the surrounding mountains.
Cue a bit of trailside surgey, A new tube, a lot of duck tape, three zip ties and it was back together........... Well until it blew again 2Km further down the trail, Still it got him closer to the van than expected. Having to run the last descent back to Annat must have been mountain bike agony being able to see what he should have been riding.


chrisD said...

hey Gordy I got a couple of Nevegals in the shed still wrapped, you want them?

Gordymac said...

Hi Chris

Aye that would be grand, How much you want for them?