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Friday, 3 June 2011

Edinburgh 48

Well last night saw the last round of the Edinburgh 48 and another good showing from VCM with Andy, ChrisM, Marty and myself. I'm kinda gutted I missed the first one as the last two have been immense fun. It's really got me thinking about organising a similar local series. Riding cross bikes fast in summer is a total blast, not having the security of soft muddy landings it all becomes very accelerated and sloppy reactions are punished hard. 
It's pretty funny racing with juniors and under 16's, they are stupidly fast for this duration of race, its also quite humbling being squeezed out of a line by a junior girl, a tip of the hat I should have leaned harder but my gentlemanly manners wouldn't allow. Anyway I got a reasonable start only to get snarled up in the entrance to the woods where some fast lads had decided to have a cuddle and interlock bicycles, really gents. there is a time and a place.

the charge of the light(weight) brigade

As is usually the way with these sort of races they sort themselves out rather quickly, I was pleased I managed an extra lap this week before being lapped by the the skinnies. Got into quite a good rhythm and was creeping up through the field, then with 3 laps to go, I made a rash overtaking manoeuvre pranged the wheel off a hidden rock and the tub rolled, pop. It took me a while to realise what had happened, when I did I opted to roll it back on and continue, this allowed Alastair Webb(I think) to catch me and pass, darn. We had a bit of a blether and I decided to have another go at escape on the grassy climb to the finish which worked. The remaining laps were spent nursing the bike on the sketchier sections to avoid the tub rolling again and trying to make up the time on the climbs. All in all damn good fun in balmy summer conditions. Scott Lindsay won and everyone else lost.

"Life is here and now, anytime you say the word, anytime you let her rip"
Henry Miller

Both photos by Stuart McInnes at Tri Centre.


Markdubya said...

Nice one chaps. Sounds like a great event.

jac said...

She's a youth not a junior! That's even worse! I figured I'm more than twice her age, so beating my is just down right bad manners.