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Friday, 10 February 2012

Dig In Around the Dock- Bo'ness

Scotlands crossers converged in Bo'ness on the Firth of Forth recently for the Dig In Around the Docks cross race which was organised by International cyclo cross legends Jon Mcomisky and David Hamill the team behind the successful Dig In series that documented this years Scottish cross series.

The course had been set out in parkland in and around the now empty docks, It was a relatively flat course with the addition of a bitingly cold East wind blowing in off the Forth. The course was quite traditional in feel with a set of hurdles, steps and a bonus cobbled section on the home stretch.

One hundred riders lined up for the start with six Moulineers making the start, Addy Pope, Chris Duncan, Davie Graham, Gordy Mackenzie, Maddy Robinson and Simon Muir. With the whole field starting at the same time it made for some exciting early moments until everyone sorted themselves into a rythm. I had decent start and first reeled in Addy, then Simon came past on a charge which he kept on right to the finish coming in first Moulineer, I eventually made up part of a trio which was a big help on the headwind sections of the course. Spectators were treated to some close racing and with almost three quarters of the course visible from the dock area they were kept well entertained. The crowd were fantastic cheering on every rider and with nearly everyone having a cowbell (thanks to VCM) to ring it was all the encouragement needed spur you on.

The first bike race in Bo'ness for fourty four years was a great sucsess with everyone having a tale to tell from the day and loads of muddy smiling faces at the finish, I'm still buzzing from it even now.

So how did the Moulineers do? Well we all finished all pretty muddy but in one piece. Maddy was the standout of the day taking second place in the ladyeez race. Simon showed the way to the boys on his new Ridley painted in VCM team colours no less. Me and the rest of the boys followed in closely bringing a great race and Scottish cross season to and end.

Now if every race could be like this...................................................................................................

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