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Friday, 19 October 2012


Embarrassed to realise its the first cross race for ? two years ?


Recent rain, but dry and sunny. My baby girl playing with the leaves and puddles. Exactly what i aim to do.

Classic course, familiar faces. Nervously get ready after struggling with the light and my point and shoot for the vets and womens race.

No warm up, too unfit to benefit.

Gun goes off and a bunch redlines round the grassy field and into the barriers.

Form showing, some smooth, some stuttering. Slide around the roots and bomb holes much more than in years gone by.

Thick mud and the drop through the stream tricky.

(Lyndsey in fine form. Photo: from my flickr set here)

Never easy, the climb out is a task. Follow by a run up a greasy slope and slog through the mud before popping some air down a grass bank and pumping the big meat up.

Round the grass again completing the loop and a quick shimmy with some squared off corners gunning it out again.


Taste blood. Keep the pace high, thighs burning.

Half way through and digging very deep.

Near the end and a shout to a dancing Andy W as he cruises by, super relaxed. Apologies as my flailing leg catches and momentarily slows him. Reflect on his poetry in motion....sooo beautiful to see a fine rider showing me how it is done.

Finish after a couple more laps, smiling as Jammy calls out my fluoro green socks as 'trendy'.

Hey! i come correct.

Another call out from an old friend 'return of the mac...!'

Maybe, maybe not. So good to go out and hurt yourself on a cross bike.

Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack from Gilach on Vimeo.

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