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Monday, 8 October 2012

Big Day out in Yorkshire.

Three Peaks Cyclocross. September 30th 2012. What a fantastic event. Very (very) wet, windy and the sort of day I'd normally want to stay inside. Waking up at 6 am though, the last thing I wanted to do was stay in bed, I was itching to get out and have a good day on the bike. Long before getting to the start line I'd made up my mind this would be a fun day. 

For me the race was pretty uneventful, as is often the case when you have a good day, little went wrong and I just got on and pedaled/ ran/ stomped as hard as I could round the three hills. Part of this must be attributed to having a crack support team. It's more than possible to get round this event with a pack and some spares but having some helpers is invaluable and was particularly welcomed on such a foul day so cheers guys! Also thanks to James and Christine for the Chocolate Croissant pudding (double helpings on Sat night definitely paid dividends on Sun) and pictures in this post. 

There were some amazing performances at the 2012 Three Peaks but the biggest shout must go out to John Rawnsley and the many volunteers who made the race run faultlessly despite appalling conditions. Obviously it's been said many times but it cannot be underestimated the level of commitment these people put in. The race was organized by a man aged 75. One of the marshals on Ingleborough was a local lass of 83. The oldest competitor in the race was 77. More than enough evidence to prove that the people of Yorkshire are a different breed- properly hard. 

These two pictures sum the race up nicely. The second being a 'still' doesn't highlight the fact that within minutes of finishing I started shivering like a mad man- those orange bags really aren't overkill- I'm just glad I didn't need to stop out on the hill.

Long may the Three Peaks continue, I hope I'm still able to get round at 77!

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