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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Bit quiet on here- what's everyone up to? 

Keen to crack on with some training but unsure exactly what to train for thought I better note down a few events to attack in 2013. So, after some thought, here's the plan;


  • Whinlater XC Enduro - 24/03/13
  • UK MTB Marathon Champs - 14/04/13
  • Dyfi Enduro - 05/05/13
  • SXC 3 Cathkin Braes - 12/05/13
  • Glentress 7 - 01/06/13
  • Selkirk MTB Marathon - 08/06/13
  • NPS 4 Margam Park - 07/07/13
  • UK XC Champs Cathkin Braes - 21/07/13
  • Brighton Big Dog - 10/08/13
  • NPS 5 Hadleigh Farm - 18/08/13
  • SXC 5 Kirroughtree - 01/09/13
  • Kielder 100 - 15/09/13
  • 3 Peaks Cyclocross - 29/09/13
  • As many cross races as I can handle Sep-Dec

Not too mental, an average of a couple of events a month with the focus towards events I know are worth spending a few hours in the car for. The two targets for 'results' are the GT-Seven and 3 Peaks, good results in other events would be a nice bonus but really it's all about the last weekend in September- I'm not going to be challenging Jebb or Craig but behind them, who knows, lets see what's possible! Besides the above there will be a few fell races, hopefully one or two of these MTB Enduro jobs and a trip to the Alps for a big week on the mtb.

Be good to hear what plans others have for the year, racing or just plain having fun. If anyone will be at any of the events mentioned above, get in touch- always good to have a brew after the race get someone else's take on events. 

Any suggestions for classic/savage/fun events missed off the list please say- it's always good to have some fresh ideas too! 

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chrisD said...

ouch, that looks like a world of pain, anyone else?