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Thursday, 10 January 2013

what's up dock?

 Dig In at The Dock 6-1-2013

Lyndsay tastes the lovely sea air
pic by Steve McG

Cross racing after Christmas for the second year in a row, thanks to Dave Hamill and John McComisky and before I get into my inglorious tales of pain and suffering a big raise of the glass to the pair of them for a splendid exhibition of initiative followed by an even greater display of execution. Right and onto the day.

Turning the pain on fellow mid-lifers or vice-versa
pic by Steve McG

Having ridden this event last year I kinda knew what to expect, flat, fast and exposed, no rest, no place for the weak, just why I thought this would be a good idea I have no idea but if this course proves one thing, you don't need gradient to make a super fun and great race. Arriving sharpish it was great to see so many folks already on site and a real buzz in the air which just grew and grew. And it was a pretty handy field of riders that made the effort, a great warmer for those doing the British Champs the following week and for the rest of us just a pleasure to move away from the festive spirits. 
Anyway after the obligatory blethers and a splendid double espresso from Steampunk Coffee it was finally time to line up and face the music. 

Addy about to get a whipping

Bang, we were off to the clatter of bells and the shrill of Jammy on the commentary it was all a fairly heady experience, from the wrong side of half way down the starting grid it was frustrating to watch the race disappear in front of me but I was here to race so I better get on with it and see what was what. The usual melee of a first lap saw all the usual faffing and stopping and starting which by around the end of lap two had sorted itself out and we all tried to work out who we were racing with. One of the good things of racing in a mixed 'open' category is you never run out of people to chase or be chased by.  Chase, pass, be caught, get lapped, repeat and that is pretty much the way it went for the next 50 minutes, having not raced for quite sometime i was pretty pleased to finish in with some of the guys I usually finish with, not particularly impressive but it was a race ridden and finished something that has been a long time coming.

A great day out and a super way to ease yourself out of the New Year slumber. See you next year.

Hamill and McComisky relaxing post race

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