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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bring the Pain

The season is now properly underway, with round 2 at Callender Park behind us and round 3 looming on the horizon. But what of Callendar Park in Falkirk, pretty much the perfect venue, central, plenty of parking and more importantly huge potential for a very good course. Our hosts Franco Porco and Davie Lines laid out a course that is set to become the one by which all others are measured. Virtually all on grass, with corners of every description, (did anybody count how many corners?) an abundance of off camber, slippy and slimy and slippy again. Add to that the biggest field ever seen at a Scottish Cyclocross event and everything was in place for a great day racing.

Maddy in control

The new format with women, V50+ and Juniors racing first is certainly proving to be a good one, I am pretty certain it has helped encourage more women and V50 men into the scene and if these numbers hold for the season it will have been a great decision. In the womens race round 1 winner Maddy and round 1 sign on queen Ainsley were representing. With 30 women lined up this was going to be a new experience for both, unfortunately I missed most of this race due to getting myself ready for my own race but from what I can gather it was pretty fast and furious, Eileen Roe (Ronde) back for this round and looking lean held on for the victory with Maddy taking a great second not too far behind, these two seem to be rising above the rest of the field and it looks like they will be picking up the pieces of last years battles for the rest of the season.

Gavin working the wide line

Veteran 40+ next up and the bggest news was the return of the mighty Martin Steele alongside Simon Muir, Fraser Waters, Gavin May and myself. Apparently 95 signed on for this race, which made for a pretty heady start but more importantly made for superb racing right through the field. Again credit to the course design as it easily soaked up the riders and there was never any problems overtaking providing you had the legs. After the disaster start at Auchentoshan I was determined to play safe and try to get into a reasonable group and take it from there, happily the start was problem free and I found myself in with some new faces and we were off. Simon and Gavin went off like the proverbial two bob rockets and that would be the last I saw of them until the end where they finished healthily in 9th and 13th respectfully. I had great fun in with a mixed bunch of guys including John McComisky stuck to my back wheel like shit on a blanket, to be fair he pushed hard and kept me entertained with some top shelf banter and language. Tragically my strategy was foiled when race winner Gary McCrae (Leslie Bikes) shot past us like we were made of stone on the home straight and denied us another lap of battle, all in all it was superb to actually feel like I was racing with a relentless stream of racers ahead and behind there was no room for mistakes.

the Gazelle like Ian Dunlop

The senior field up next and VCM hopes were on Steve Halsall, Brendan Milliken, Addy Pope, Simon Fairfull, Gordy Mackenzie and Ian Dunlop. Another huge field nearly 90 riders took to the now very greasy course, the race was won very early by Grant Ferguson, who showed what a difference being on a World Cup XC team can make to your performance, behind him though there was fierce battling going on, this wide course really did encourage good open racing. Our guys were led by round 1 podium boy Steve Halsall, who put in another strong ride for 6th place, which will stand him good in the league placings. Brendan Milliken opend his season with a 19th, Addy a couple of places behind in 21st, Simon in 23rd, Ian 25th and Gordy 34th. Again truly awesome results in a field as packed as this one, keep it coming. 

Applied Pressure™

Phew, it was an exhausting day and one that folks have been talking about since, again a huge thankyou to the organisers and their army of helpers.

Lots of racing over the next week with Lomond Shores Sunday 27th, Hallocross Thursday 31st and Round 3 at KnocXburn on Nov 3rd.

Bring it on. 

all photos by Anthony Robson 

how we doing
Maddy Robinson 2nd
Ainsley Turbitt 13th
Simon Muir 9th
Gavin May 13th
Fraser Waters 39th
Chrisd 48th
Martin Steele 63rd
Steve Halsall 6th
Brendan Milliken 19th
Addy Pope 21st
Simon Fairfull 23rd
Ian Dunlop 25th
Gordy Mackenzie 34th

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Invergordy said...

Great to see such a large turnout from VCM. May it continue for the remainder of the season. Some great rides too. Get it on!