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Monday, 7 October 2013

SCX Round 1. Auchentoshan

Blessed are those who struggle

Supreme support from Bikelove and Rankin Campbell
The wait is over the Scottish cross season has finally got under way, kicking off classically at Auchentoshan. The weather held, the racers came and fierce battles ensued. 

Starting procedings was the first lady of Moulin, Maddy Robinson in a womens field that saw a lot of new faces and a few absent ones, this of course was of no consequence to Maddy as she proceeded to smash the field and most of the junior and V50+ field into the bargain, an awesome start picking up firmly where she left last season. 

Simon Fairfull riding so fast we nearly didn't notice that helmet
Old blokes up next and a packed field with 5 riders for us. the largest field of the day and it was pretty frantic at the start, that panic driven enthusiasm led to a pile up on a straight bit of track, for fuck sake guys chill out. Anyway some of us (me) got ensnared in this vomit of riders strewn across the track and lost sight of the race very early on, the rest however went on to have a riot out there. Big Simon Muir was the fastest of our V40's buried himself for 10th place, that is a mighty result in this stacked field and lets not forget DrJon, who also killed it for a superb 16th place, I'm still looking for pictures of you guys, so they might get added later.
Meanwhile back in the real world Fraser, Russell and Myself were midfield-ish. We will be faster. 

Maddy struggling to hold onto her bike it was so fast

Steve Halsall heading to the third step

Last race of the day the Seniors, again a lot of new faces and absent regulars but this didn't stop the racing which was unfortunately won by a dude on a mountainbike, whilst I don't really have a problem with that his bars were so wide no one was ever getting past him, behind him though an almighty battle was unfolding. Steve fought all the way with Colin May and after one little slip May took the second spot but lets not take anything from Steve's third place there were riders charging behind him, a great strong ride only 7 days after his 12th place at the 3Peaks, superb. But it wasnt all about Steve, again we packed out this field and Addy took a hard battled 10th, Simon Fairfull 11th and Ian Dunlop in his first proper cross race snuck in at 20th despite some mechanicals and bike swaps. So all four seniors in the top 20, a great start. 

Addy Pope, full speed gurn 

Chrisd, desperately trying to make up for lack of speed with grace and finesse (neither pictured) 

Rubber of choice for this round, Challenge Grifo and Limus 

Results here

Thankyou to Michael Martin and Anthony Robson for the photos. And a special thanks to all at Glasgow United for a great event. 


stevo said...

A great day out and the first time I'd ridden Auchentoshan, top course and many thanks to everyone involved in making the race happen; a fantastic event in all respects. It was great to be back racing in Scotland seeing old faces and meeting new ones too. Good to see so many VCM jerseys going strong and be part of the team after plugging away solo in the Eastern League for the past few years. What a fun race and top job from Colin to break away on the penultimate lap; strong boy- I'll have you next time though! After some years out it seems that SCX is in rude health, I can't wait for Falkirk.

Fraser Waters said...

I like it in the 'real world' it's cosy.
Bloody cross I punctured though. That's what you get for running 'unofficial' tyres I guess. :)
Limus tubs x2 please boss.

Fraser Waters said...

I like it in the 'real world' it's cosy.
Bloody cross I punctured though. That's what you get for running 'unofficial' tyres I guess. :)
Limus tubs x2 please boss.

Roger Campbell-Crawford said...

"his bars were so wide no one was ever getting past him"

I don't think it was the bars that stopped anyone, in order for that to happen there would need to be riders behind jostling for the overtake. I remember a bit of a gap?

Don't hate on the 29er, for me at Auchentoshan (in damp-but-not-that-soggy conditions)I knew an MTB would be faster, it's a race..

I do love CX bikes and hence have ridden one in pretty much every single previous CX race!

See you at Falkirk (on my x-fire) :-)


chrisD said...

Hey Roger, I reckon you might have won by a bigger margin on your X-Fire. You're a marked man now though ;-)

see you at Falkirk for sure.