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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Keep on knockin

SCX Round 3

Round three of the SCX already, how time flies when you are having fun.  Knockburn Loch near Banchory is the furthest north that SCX takes its jolly little cavalcade and what a setting as glorious as it is daunting. After a smooth signing on (gotta love the pre-entry) it was straight into a team walk around the course which revealed a pretty tough little loop with a chunky slice of everything and mostly on that gritty, granite, sandy, soft but grippy soil unique to eastern highlands. It was going to be a tough day, a biting wind blasting in from the North Sea wasn’t going to help.

Very quickly it was time for action and the women, juniors and V50+ men set about it, great to report no real surprises here, Maddy is showing great form this season and looked pretty comfortable leading the womens race from start to finish, keep up the good work sister. Behind her Kerry MacPhee (Rock and Road) was having a real good race and looks like one to watch for the future. I must give a special mention for Brendan Roe, who is totally bossing the V50+ and again was looking smooth and in control. 

two wheels on my wagon. . temprorarily 

Another good turnout for the V40, with 76 finishers, these starts are pretty daunting as the cavalry charge for the holeshot takes place.  Fortunately I got through the start unscathed and popped out the singletrack in a relatively good place. Trying not to get too excited by this I did my best to settle into the race despite the frenzy of riders that the first laps bring. This was a pretty challenging course with very little let up or time to let your mind wander, you had to be ‘on it’ 100% as there was plenty of room to lose big time, and so it was I set into battle. In a small group containing Russell (VCM),Frazer (VCM), Neil Raitt and Graeme Short (I think) we ploughed on exchanging places for most of the race. Russ seemed to be slowly creeping away but then near to the end he was real close again, Frazer nipped past me on the 7th lap and I was hell bent on reclaiming that spot so on a rash line up the gritty riser into the wooded singletrack I made a pass, awesome I thought and shite I then thought as my tub popped off the rim. I floundered around trying to get it back on to not much avail, eventually running it home after the leaders had lapped me. Arse. Good riding from Russell(31st), Frazer(32nd), and Martin Steele who was gaining every lap and finished a very respectable 35th. Despite the tub roll, I managed to run it in ahead of McComisky, which at least readdressed the balance after Callander Park. Ahead of us the usual suspect took the lead and for VCM, Simon Muir came in a good 13th with Gavin May 14th, respectable all round.

newcomer, Ian Dunlop, how high can he go?

Seniors next and by now the course was definitely a different beast, lines were slower and the loose gritty stuff had became much looser, the faces at the end of this race told the story. We had another good turnout with Stevo, Gordy, Ian, Simon F, Addy and first appearance of the year for Chris Marquis. From the gun this was fast, Stevo quickly finding himself at the sharp end in with his arch nemesis Colin May (Velo Club Edinburgh), these two have been bursting each other at every race so far this year, ahead of them a welcome return for Davie Lines(MG-Maxifuel) who powered ahead and stayed there for the rest of the race. Further down the ranks the VCM collective were knocking seven shades of shit out of each other and all who were around them, new boy Ian Dunlop in only his 3rd proper cross race had taken up the mantle and was powering to what looked like a possible top ten finish, behind Addy Pope seemed to struggle to find his pace but quickly did and was with Ian for most of the race afterwards. Simon failing to make the jump always seemed to be a couple of places behind. Meanwhile up front Stevo and Colin May had finally shaken Sean Clark and Dan Whitehead to battle out the remaining podium spots. But the hard finishing May once more stepped up to the mark and took second in front of Steve, still our second podium of the day, so we really mustn’t grumble.

Simon F, charging
Addy, also charging

Organising club Deeside Thistle, you deserve an almighty pat on the back, great support and marshaling and everything running like clockwork, I love this venue, hopefully it will become a regular fixture. Next stop the notorious Strathclyde Park, traditionally a pretty savage encounter and usually similar conditions, bring it on and also first showings this year for sly old fox Davie Graham and new signing Teri Wishart. Boom

How we doin
Maddy Robinson 1st

Steve Halsall 3rd
Iain Dunlop 13th
Addy Pope 15th
Simon Fairfull 17th
Gordy Mackenzie 26th
Chris Marquis 38th

Veteran 40+
Simon Muir 13th
Gavin May 14th
Russell Stout 31st
Frazer Waters 32nd
Martin Steele 35th

Chris Duncan 45th

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addy said...

Nice write up. My view of the seniors was that stevo rode a blinder (think we all need a vcm masterclass from him). I had a rubbish start but got into my rhythm and felt like i was racing for the first time since Haughcross. Got up to Simon, then decided to see how much #gas was in the tank. Got past Ian and the rouge thistle MTB'er and then the reserve light went on. Hung on, but Ian had a strong finish. Great fun and hope health is coming back.