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Saturday, 9 November 2013

we got some new riders. part 2

So we asked them, 
1. Who you are and how do you ride?
2. What music can make you punch through concrete?
3. Who will play you in 'Velo Club Moulin' the movie?

And this is what they said;

Ian Dunlop
1. I'd describe my riding style as no mincing around, I like to go for
it and give it my all no matter what's put in front of me.
Love a hill climb as much as a tough technical decent. My skinny legs
let me down on fast straights.
2. There are far too many to choose from but this is a definite
contender. It gets the blood pumping every time!
Queens of the Stone Age - You think I ain't worth a dollar but I feel
like a millionaire

3. This is a tough one, not much of a movie man.......Stunt Man Mike
(Kurt Russell in Deathproof) If he's got the same skills on a bike as
he does in a car I'll be laughing.

Don't f*ck with Ian Dunlop
James Porteous
I'm a lapsed Scotsman. Spent 3 years in London not riding anything other than a 6 mile commute, got fed up, and moved back up to Edinburgh. Currently doing my track accred at Glasgow, breaking Alpine's hire bikes at Glentress, and riding on roads that don't have traffic lights every 12ft. I also make sandwiches, take photographs and study Brewing & Distilling at Heriot Watt.

1. Mostly brute force and aggression, with a bit of speed thrown in for short periods of time. Hence getting into track.
2. Guerilla Radio by Rage Against the Machine. Grrrrr etc.

3. Tough one. Leonardo diCaprio because some drunk in a bar once told me I had the same haircut as him.

JP digging some off road treads at an early age

Jenn Hopkins
1. Slow, slow, quick quick slow. Also precise, averse to small talk and fond of sky.

2. One piece of music that can make you punch through concrete!! (you one angry grrl)

3. Who will play you in Velo Club Moulin the Movie?
Tank Girl's boots.

representing up north (nice helmet coordination)
boots for kicking/dancing

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