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Friday, 27 June 2008

It's only 12 hours

Tomorrow morning Chris and I will be heading up north to the Dawn Raid at the Golspie trails. It'll be a couple of firsts for me: my first time riding the Gospie trails and my first solo 12 hour race. I've solo'd a few 10 hour races and been in teams for 24 hour races, so I kind of know what I'm letting myself in for. The difference is that this one is entirely overnight. It's also the first Scottish Singlespeed Champs - a 12 hour singlespeed champs, eek! Apparently "it'll be fine", so I'll give it a bash.

So I've spent this evening sorting out kit and food. I don't really know what the weather will do, so I've got two complete changes of kit as well as some warmer stuff for the middle of the night - oh, and a spare set of everything, just in case (as well as spare shoes).

Food wise - well, you never really know what you'll feel like at 3 in the morning when all you really want to do is go home and leave your bike to the vultures. I'll just buy all the cups of tea I need, so the food provisions are:

2 cheese, onion, mustard and red pepper rolls (for energy, better breathing and slow release energy apparently)
2 cheese scones (buttered)
2 brioche
6 mini sausage rolls
1 packet dried apricots
6 cliff bars
2 caffine shots
2 Honey Stinger gels (stopping off at Escape Route tomorrow to get more)
1 packet cashew nuts
1 bottle mango smoothie
1 bottle banana milkshake
1 packet instant porridge
1 tub custard
1 tub rice pudding
1 tub fruit salad
4 bananas
1 big tub electrolyte
1 small tube Hammer gel mixed with extra honey (for emergencies only)
1 jumbo bar of chocolate
1 jumbo packet jelly babies

The provisions of a small army? We'll see just how much stays in the pink box and comes right back home with me.


chrisD said...

and of course a case of Grimbergen!

You will be fine, ride like a Belgian.

anja mcdonald said...

So... How did it go?

I'm not really gay said...

I wish I could have been that organised when I was doing silly long races...


maybe one day :-)