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Tuesday, 24 June 2008


No Pics to show but a few words to share... I had my first Mountain Mayhem experience over the weekend. Kindly invited to join the Santa Cruz/Jungle team by Dickon Hepworth a while back after a chance meeting at Glentress. I rode there on my MTB from Glasgow, to have a quick lap of the red trail because i was gagging so badly for a sweet trail to ride, and i think he thought i may be just mad/keen enough to enjoy a 24hr race.

He was right. 24hrs of casual competition (casual being the operative word). Several good quality beers were enjoyed over by the Trek 69er tent, much good chat was had, and a 3am bedtime ensured a respectably late start for the majority of us on Saturday.

Team Santa Cruz/Jungle made great headway initially then almost dropped the ball by having a rider go out without his timing chip, then called it a night after I pulled a very slippery double lap after midnight.

I soiled my VCM jersey. again. The mud has stained it good and proper. I caught a train back to glasgow, stinking like alcohol after wearing several shot glass-fulls of tequila during botched tequila hand-ups at the bottom of the steep climb (you'd be surprised how many people hate tequila!).

So that was that. Thanks to Dr Jon and Trina for getting me down there, and Phil the Horse for getting me to the station on time (just). Let me know when that speeding ticket arrives in the mail...


chrisD said...

you should have came over to the Endura tent, I had to bring a case of Grimbergen home with me!

anja mcdonald said...

I would have had to drink them all on the train... I barely had enough hands for all my stuff as it was. However, it would have made the trip a bit more enjoyable!

Nick said...