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Monday, 9 June 2008


is something I never really thought about, it was always a case of ride my bike when I wanted as hard as I wanted, not rocket science not brain surgery, just ride. but recently I have started approaching riding and many other aspects of my day to day with a tad more care and conviction. it started when Andy-W (trailfettler) sent me a copy of his training schedule, to say I was somewhat horrified would be a mild understatement, this guy was squeezing in workouts wherever he could but not in a grinding himself into a lactic burnout kinda way, it was thought through and each session with a purpose. could I incorporate aspects of a regime like this into my life? well it appears I can, definitely not in the same league as the young gun but with a little planning and a big helping of commitment I am finding myself hauling myself out of the comfort zone and into a whole new world of pain. just where this will lead to remains to be seen and I will also admit that the recent bout of fine weather has been largely helping me make the choice but I am finding myself looking for windows of opportunity to work at fitness, no bad thing I am hoping, come cross season we will of course see wether it has all been in vain.

the team now stands 12 strong and gathering a bit of momentum and following, largely due to the kit and some sterling performances into the bargain, already mutterings about how we will do it next year are abound and good, VCM - here to stay ,well maybe if we get a multimillionaire investor to bank roll the whole shebang! on the subject of bank rolling a few people have been asking about t-shirts, big Jez is looking into some ethically sourced cotton, so watch this space.


marty savalas said...
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marty savalas said...

t-shirts would be good. as would track suits* - anyone know a good embroiderer?

can i interest anyone in stickers?


chrisD said...

I have access to a pretty good embroiderer! stickers you can interest me in, we will talk, there might be some big breaking news coming. . . oh, the excitement.