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Sunday, 24 August 2008

in praise of the cafe stop

Went out for a pedal with Ros today, it was great fun. The main reason for heading out was to visit a cafe/tearoom mid ride. A great motivator indeed! The headwind on the way out wasn't that fun, but the tailie all the way back to Peebles definately was!

We were aiming to get to the teashop at Broughton but decided to cut things short and aimed instead for Dawyk Botanical Gardens on the Stobo - Broughton road. They've recently built a new visitor centre complete with cafe which you can visit without having to pay the admission fee for the gardens.

We had 4 cakes between us (!) and a coffee each too. And the sun was out. My favourite was a carrot cake muffin, but the oaty date slice was very tasty also, though it did crumble quite easily. The cake selection was very good and all homebaked. Not a massive fan of Brodies coffee but it hit the spot. Definately worth a visit if you're on a ride down this neck of the woods.


chrisD said...

Good to hear you are taking your training seriously! Markdubya and me knocked out 94km on the road bikes, no stopping for us, plenty of headwind though and thick mud on the road which left us looking like Flandrian heroes ;-)

jac said...

Mmmm! A new cake shop to visit!

I started the cross training properly yesterday with a bigish ride in the Pentlands, including a proper portage up a big hill, so I've got a sore shoulder now.

No cakes at the end of it though...I need to have a rethink about my training buddies!

chrisD said...

another 85km today, the wind was something else. then got soaked at Kinloch Rannoch, still I'm sure it's toughening me up. Talking of which, I tried the skinsuit on today! Does exactly what is says on the label ;-)

andytrailfettler said...

Good work fella getting the miles in - you'll be ripping come cross season. Have been doing plenty of weights, intervals and some cross technique sessions, though need to do some longer endurance stuff too (without cakes!!)

Looking forward to getting my skinsuit (not told Ros yet!!!)