Velo Club Moulin

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

inner xc tt

Steve and Helen at Innerleithen mtb racing have created something special with their xc tt races. Full on, definately, but a lot of fun. Tonights race was even funner - wetter, muddier and darker in the trees on the final descent!

I'm not sure what time I did. Didn't feel very frisky on the climb but rode the final muddy section to the top of the DH courses pretty well (mud surf - tastic!) then managed to stay on the bike down the final descent, which was surprisingly grippy (roots excepted!).
Anja got across from Glasgow and raced on a fully rigid s/s 29 er!! I'm never going to moan about arm pump again! Nice one Anja!


anja mcdonald said...

After last night's attempt at "being Jon Meredith" I think I'll leave the 'I'm more niche than you' set up to the man himself. It's a beautiful bike (don't get me wrong), but i must admit, navigating it around that course was ...'exciting'... to say the least. Especially when i had total rear brake fade on the DH!

chrisD said...

still at least you didn't go for the whole jon meredith experience and puncture and/or break a chain!