Velo Club Moulin

Sunday, 3 August 2008

It truly was a great event. Weather was awesome but the course really made it and the hard work put in by the organizers showed. Nice work fella. Will definitely be back next year and not just because I’ll be working there. Hope Sleeples goes as well

I’m not too sure on my lap times but I did a sub 38 minute on my last lap which I’m quite happy about. I’ve put a bit of fuzzy helmet cam footage up on Youtube. Paul you’re in there somewhere.

I’m not going to be here for Sleepless but put me down for Mull. I’m hoping to follow Chris’s lead with a solid placing in the women’s cross race. 

Packing for my Trek indoctrination now. Hope to fit in some miles between courses of  deep fried cheese and I’m travelling with a fat wallet in anticipation of a new XO2 for the cross season. Those nights are drawing in.


chrisD said...

nice work Rocket Boy and welcome to the. good luck with the new job. that's not Jaggard wearing Rapha is it? Do they made Rapha that big?

crosser nut said...

Ooh another one for Mull, the white kit will never be the same again!!