Velo Club Moulin

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tap - tap - tap.

So, this thing is on? Looks like Chris has taken pity on me and will allow me to join the caballeros of vc moulin. 2009 is here, and there's some ass that needs kicked.


chrisD said...

I just wanna get you in a skin suit.

welcome aboard.

Dean said...

AND on a proper 'cross bike!


Welcome hug, Jon.

Raced your old one for the first time today, Chris. Lovely. Snow on the bell lap too! More soon...

Phil The Horse said...

Rad! big welcome reach around hugs from down south.

Markdubya said...

Hey DJ, spin the wheel!!

Welcome aboard champ, good to have you here,

When can we start operation Pue oh beardo el doctor.


anja mcdonald said...

Excellent news! Welcome aboard, doctor!