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Monday, 2 February 2009

VCM Dh starts the year how it hopes to end

Dougy Cameron pulled an inspired 4th yesterday in the first round of the Winter DH series at Inners.

Dougie was sitting pretty in second with two riders left to come down the hill so was bitting his nails with the thought of a proper podium finish as this would mean he would have to propose to his long term partener of 14 years Eileen. I reckoned he stopped half way down to get out of it.

Well done Dougy for another top performance.



chrisD said...

Must try harder!

only joking, awesome result Dougy, keep it going tough guy.

oh and buy a cross bike in the sales ;-)

Markdubya said...
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Sircrashalot said...


why retro is in at the mo