Velo Club Moulin

Friday, 2 October 2009

Bring the pain.

I have sprinted up stairs until my legs have bent asunder.
I have ridden through storms.
I have fought with lions.
I have shaken the hand of World Champions.
I have eaten bacon in extremis.
I have cleaned and tuned my bike
I have wrestled the Amazon Queen.
I have stolen golden moments in the hills.
I have eaten the apple of the eye.
I have chopped down trees with my bare hands.
I have stroked cats and dreamt of domination.
I have wiped blood from my mouth.
I have warped metal to my needs.
I have railed against weakness of muscle.
I am ready.


grant said...

Go Jon.



Phil The Horse said...

F*** Yeah!!!

(am i allowed to swear?)

Simon said...

I have done none of the above but may give this a go on Sunday if I get time between now and then to make my bike work.

anja mcdonald said...

I'm printing that mantra out and putting it on the toilet door...